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Established 1978


Article 1. Preamble

For the purpose of advancing the teaching and learning of science in formal and informal settings through meaningful instruction and experiences, we, the science educators of Louisiana, adopt this constitution as the basis of our activities.

Article 2. Name

Louisiana Science Teachers Association, Incorporated: an affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association.

Article 3. Objectives

Section 1.
To represent the teachers of science in Louisiana, promote within the science education community the highest level of professionalism, and to support improved science education opportunities for teachers and students.
Section 2.
To encourage and support high standards and professional ethics for all those engaged in science education, to promote teacher preparation in all science activities, and to work for improvements in state science education programs.
Section 3.
To promote, encourage, and assist in the organization of all science personnel, to promote cooperation among the members thereof, and act as liaison between science teachers within the state.
Section 4.
To cooperate with all civic bodies and business organizations fostering educational objectives, and to aid in interpreting the problems, the functions, and the progress of schools in the development of an improved science program.
Section 5.
To act as a resource to collect and disseminate information relevant to teachers of science.

Article 4. Officers and Councils

Section 1.
The officers of the Louisiana Science Teachers Association elected statewide are president, vice-president, and secretary. Eight district representatives will be elected by members in the same geographic area. The boundaries for the eight Regional Service Centers will be used for election purposes.
Section 2.
The appointed officers of the LSTA are: treasurer, NSTA liaison, membership chair, parliamentarian, historian, awards chair, and other special project coordinators at the discretion of the executive council.
Section 3.
The Executive Council consists of the state-wide elected officers, the appointed treasurer and the immediate past president. The president shall be chairperson of the Executive Council and Executive Board. Between meetings, the Executive Council will act for and on behalf of the Executive Board in a manner consistent with the policies and programs adopted by the Executive Board.
Section 4.
The Executive Board consists of all members of the Executive Council, elected regional representatives, and appointed officers. The Executive Board is the governing body of LSTA.
Section 5.
The state science program manager or designee will serve as a non-voting observer to the Executive Board.

Article 5. Membership

Section 1.
There shall be four classes of membership: active, student, retired and honorary lifetime. The qualifications for membership are the following:
  • Active Membership: Employment as a teacher or science educator at any level, administrator, or any other interested individual.
  • Student Membership: Full time student in an undergraduate college program or in high school
  • Retired Membership: A level of membership open to those science educators who upon full retirement as a science educator in the classroom, with an agency or foundation, or other employment related to science education wish to remain connected with the work of the Association.
  • Honorary Lifetime Membership: An honorary membership may be granted for an outstanding contribution to science education upon recommendation of the Executive Board.
Section 2.
Yearly dues are set by the Executive Board.

Article 6. Rules for Amending

The Constitution and Bylaws may be amended at any State Science Institute provided the proposed amendment has been published in an official publication of LSTA prior to its presentation. A majority vote of those LSTA members who attend the business meeting during the annual science institute is necessary to adopt proposed amendments.

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